Gorgeous water

Miss this so much. There is nothing like summer in Sicily.


Gorgeous water

Miss this so much. There is nothing like summer in Sicily.

I will make this be true

PISCES (Feb. 20 - Mar. 20):

From today on, you will start to think clearly again and your mind will overflow with good ideas. You will also find it easier to communicate with people who have been somewhat aloof in recent weeks.

(The Globe and Mail)

je ne comprends pas pourquoi

Movie bucket list

Good Will Hunting

Fight Club

The Soloist

The Artist


Rain Man

Hotel Rwanda

Forrest Gump

The Pianist

Cadillac Records


Black Swan

Paris, je t’aime

Wushu by Storm. <3 you guys.

That moment when someone new comes into your life and you can stop thinking about the other.

Things I love #6

Homemade popcorn with salt and pepper. Especially the kernels that only half-pop.

Wushu by Storm on Canada’s Got Talent!

Hey y’all! So…MY WUSHU CREW AND I MADE IT TO THE SEMI FINALS OF CGT! Ahhhhhhhh! We are super super excited for our semi-final show, which will be on Monday, April 2nd!

Reveal show was this past Sunday and we are so blessed to have been chosen as one of the top 36 finalists. The talent showcased by Canada was INSANE! Big shout-out to Fantasy Circus! We were together on this from the very beginning when we both first auditioned in Toronto. We are so happy that you made it to the semi-finals and we can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!

Better go rehearse our butt’s off! Make sure to tune in to CityTV on Monday April 2nd to watch us perform and to VOTE VOTE VOTE!

You can follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (

Peace and love.

Keep calm and shamrock on

A night of spicy chocolate, Margaritas, jello shots, trespassing, Asian frat boys, naked jacked men, Hess village, pizza, pears, and friends. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Looks like I may be in Australia for 10 months!

Looks like I may be in Australia for 10 months!

Sometimes you need a little inspiration

I somehow stumbled upon this mini essay I wrote for my creative writing class in my first year of undergrad. It’s good to sometimes be reminded of why we do what we do.

                                            Why I do what I do

It’s always a letdown, being at the airport after a vacation on your way home.  You think about school, friends, family.  The life you had put on hold for a week is about to start up again and soon you will be thrown back into the confusion and stress of everyday life.

I remember we were in the Jamaican airport waiting to board our plane and my worries were somewhat different. I was five and I was not concerned with school, homework, boys…but I had to convince my dad. Somehow.

“Daddy!” I tugged his arm.

“What, amore mio?”

“Pleeeeease? Let me join. Please…please?”

“Ah,” my Dad answered smiling slightly, lifting his chin and raising his eyebrows at the same time and making a semi circle with his head, a gesture I soon learnt was reserved for teasing. “But you aren’t old enough!”

“Yes I am!” I said defiantly and jumped out of my chair.  At the age of five the thought of being too young never crossed my mind.  I had it in my mind that five was “old” and that I could do anything.

“Prove it!”

I thought he was being serious.

So, right there, in the middle of the airport, I dropped and started doing pushups.  Once I started, no one could stop me.

When we arrived back in Canada, I made sure that my dad kept his promise and I was soon enrolled in Wushu classes.

Sixteen years later, I still do Wushu, a Chinese martial art not known to many people.  This sport is a performing art that combines the beauty of fluid movements with the intensity of more aggressive ones.

People ask me why I do this obscure sport, why I don’t go out Friday nights, why I wake up at 6:00 a.m. in the summer to train, why I miss weeks of school at a time for competition and then have to worry about catching up all the missed work…  And sometimes I ask myself the same questions.  Why do I stubbornly continue to do Wushu?  Why do I persist even when my knees, calves or ankles are about to give out? Why do I endure all the mental stress that comes with highly competitive sport?

The answer is not so simple.  Wushu has taught me to push my limits in so many ways. At the physical level, I always have to push harder, move faster, jump higher.  And I can never get too comfortable with the movements I already know.  If I want to keep up with my fellow competitors, I have to try new flips and movements all the time.

This sport also makes my body move in ways no other sport could.  It may seem masochistic, but after a good training session of punching, kicking, jumping, landing into splits, being super stretched by my coach, yelled at by my coach, pushed harder by my teammates, and encouraged by my teammates, the next day, my muscle are fantastically sore. And, although my body is hurting, the pain reminds me that I have accomplished something and that I am stronger than I was the day before.

Training and competing at a high level has made me mentally stronger and more confident with myself.  Since I started competing internationally at the age of thirteen, I have always been one of the youngest competitors.  But because of my early initiation to international competition, I learnt how to strive off of the nervousness of competition day rather than to succumb to the anxiety.  I learnt to ignore external factors and to remain focused on my own performance.  In fact, the nervous rush that comes before stepping out on the carpet in front of hundreds of people is a sensation that I can only get from competing and is something I not only enjoy, but also crave.

The reason I can walk into competition with confidence is largely due to the support I receive from my family, my coach and my teammates.  I have trained under my coach and alongside my teammates for ten years now and they are my second family.

Had someone told me at that airport that I would not only get to do Wushu, but that I would also get to represent Canada at the world level, I may never have believed them.  Indeed it’s been a long journey from that airport in Jamaica – one that has taken me all over the world – and if ever, in my exhaustion, I ask myself that self-doubting question “Why, oh why, do I do Wushu?” I think back to the determined little girl at the Jamaican airport and know that I was meant to do this.

Present to myself&#8230;preparing for March.

Present to myself…preparing for March.

Don&#8217;t worry, I got your back.

Don’t worry, I got your back.

Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.